By now Disturbance is one of best known and longest surviving punk bands from the Netherlands. The band is a four-man formation, consisting out of Rob (vocals), Dim (guitar), Joz (bass) and Jo (drums).

They play their own style of punk, inspired by 82 streetpunk and UK 77 style, touching the psychobilly and anarcho scenes lightly. In their lyrics you find questions, criticism and proposals about social, political or religious subjects and the values of punk and DIY.

Disturbance has been around since the mid-nineties, and has built a vast list of gigs playing from Berlin festivals to London pubs to Thessaloniki squats. They’ve played with most of the bands from the dawn of punk like Conflict, The Casualties, GBH, The Exploited, The Adicts, Cockney rejects, UK Subs, Sham 69, The Partisans, Varukers, The Restarts and Abrasive Wheels to name a few. |

Several tours have been done, reaching from Germany to Croatia, from Scotland to Italy, and as cherry on top Disturbance did a 10.000 kilometre tour throughout China playing from Beijng in the north, to Hong Kong is the deep south by train.

Disturbance have brought out 2 full albums on vinyl and cd (Malice in Slumberland by German label street music and Shades of Fear by French label DirtyPunk) and one vinyl split with the French Burning Lady. Besides from that they appear on several samplers, like a Indonesia compilation by Treath Records, a sampler in Equador and the recent ‘punks not deaf’ compilation, an all dutch cast of punk-bands from the beginning of punk in Holland.

1996 - 1999 Rudy: drums
2000 - 2008 Kiel: drums

2011 Recorded 5 songs to be brought out as Split 12" with the French band Burning Lady on white vinyl brough out on Dirty Punk

2010 Played gigs in Holland, England, Germany, Italy and France

2009 After everyone has finished being part of some side-projects, Disturbance is reborn. Kiel has left the band . Jonathan joins the band on drums (ex-Dicemen, ex-I-Reject, ex-the Stealers, ex-Total Loss)

2008 The gig in Thessaloniki, Greece, will be the last gig the band does in 2008. The band deceides to quit playing in march, Disturbance is dead

2007 - Recorded second full lenght album in Excess Studio's - Release of second album on Dirty Punk Records from France - European Tour with The Restarts

2006 - Working our ass off making new songs for the upcoming second album. - Live Recordings in Wild at Heart Berlin for a split album with Tower Blocks. - Mini Tour with 2nd District

2005 - Mini European Tour with Lower Class Brats - China Tour with 400 Blows, a two week Rock 'n Roll mayhem, travelled 10.000 kilometers by plane, taxi, train and bus and played 10 shows - Mini Tour with Runnin' Riot and Tower Blocks - Featured on compilation 'Punk in Sunderland vol III' Stretch Records (UK) - Featured on compilation 'Oi! made in Holland' Rebellion Records (NL)

2004 - Mini France Tour with Disgusted and Antidote - Small European Tour with Red Flag 77 and The Blowjobs - Intensive gigging in Europe - Recorded 4 new songs in Studio 195 for future split records - Featured on compilation 'Punk's Dead and it's Your Fault' Sick of Talk Records (USA)

2003 - Released debut CD 'Malice in Slumberland' (Streetmusic Records) - Tracklist : Down the Hole (intro), Generation X, Faceless / Unknown, God Pulled the Chain, Contstable Cockney, Live on to Decline, Antidote for Anarchy, Business Meeting, No Enemy, Fuck Politics, Sons of War, What About Us - European Tour with Last To Go - Mini UK Tour with Dogshit Sandwich - Intensive gigging in Europe - Featured on 'Krusefix compilation' from Germany (Agressive Noise 014) Disturbance song : Fuck Politics

2002 - European Tour with Antidote - After this tour we played more and more international gigs - Featured on compilation 'Las Fronteras No Nos Paran' compilation cd of Dutch underground scene, only available in Equador - Featured on compilation 'Threat Records' from Indonesia

2001 - Released EP 'Live on to Decline' (Tocado Records) - Tracklist : No Enemy, Addict, Live on to Decline, God Pulled the Chain - Played some local gigs - Featured on 'Best of Heel Erg Punk' (studio recordings) Disturbance song : No Enemy

2000 - New drummer : Creepy Kiel from The Cenobites joined the army - Started recordings for the first EP in Excess Studio's in Rotterdam

1999 - Started recordings for the first full length - Featured on the legendary Heel Erg Punk festival in Rotterdam - Featured on 'Heel Erg Punk' II compilation (live CD) 3 songs from Disturbance - Ruud left the band, recording studio lost the recordings ...

1998 - Played some more local gigs

1997 - Played some local gigs 1996 - Start of Disturbance - Line up : Rob - vocals, Dim - guitar / backing vocals, Joz - bass / backing vocals, Ruud - drums -Recorded 'The First, 6 tracks of Punk, a 6 song demo tape -Tracklist : Revolt, Waiting, CNN, Jenny Jones, Funk 'n Disco, Stare, What About Us

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